Human beings are basically unrepentant, imperfect reprobates that refuse to bend to the reason of self-preservation.

Why? Because evil offers the seductive promise of an increasing accumulation of happiness … which proves that “everything is never enough” … and that people are never satisfied.

In the days before the big flood of Noah … the whole earth was continually evil before GOD (Genesis 6:5) … so, HE drowned most of them.

Noah's Flood
World-wide Flood

Where religion is concerned (and Christianity in particular) … human beings have taken advantage of promoting over 44 thousand Christian-denomination business versions for control and gain (with 200 denominations in the USA).

This phenomenon did not just begin. It began before Jesus Christ was crucified (Mark 9:38-40).

It appears that the whole world will (or has) become continually evil again … and the world will be destroyed again (Matthew 24: 37), not by water, but by fire …  because fire does a more destructive and complete job.

Scientists theorize that the physical universe came into being by the “Big Bang Theory” … accompanied by an immense transfer and conversion of energy from the spiritual dimension to the new physical dimension.

However, it is no secret that GOD created the universe filled with blazing stars … which we can see in every heavenly direction … with a sky full of fireballs.

It makes sense that the reversal of creation would be accomplished by “melting it down” and reorganizing it.

See 2 Peter 3:10-12 for a description of the destruction of the Earth by fervent heat.

Earth Fire
Fire Destroys Earth

Be careful … and do not be misled by those who say the Earth will last forever … because it will NOT. Prophesy is always true … and new heavens and a new earth are prophesied.

Clever scripture pretzel-benders can pick and pluck Bible verses to support their own dogmas and doctrines for the continuation of their churches … and that is what the Trinity Doctrine unintentionally allows … and causes confusion.

There is a startling Bible verse that the religious fakers are definitely NOT going to like. Here it is … take a look at it … and realize its comparison to the days of Noah ( Matthew 7:22-23 ).

There is a lot of theology for the future new heavens and the new earth (which will actually be created by Jesus Christ through the authority of GOD).

See Isaiah  65:17 and Revelation 21:1 … and then tie those verses together with these two verses: Matthew 28:18 and 1 Corinthians 15:27.

This is probably far beyond the usual theology taught in most seminaries … but hang on.

In spite of his theoretical and theological writings, the author makes it crystal clear just what the three Trinity Titans actually do together … and with proof … the Trinity Doctrine mystery disappears!

The author is a theoretical theologian … and the Trinity is really easy to understand once a fuller explanation is seen.  You will be given the opportunity to see this unfold in a new book a little later on.

You will not be required to understand how gravity can exceed the speed of light (which it easily can do) … nor understand how it affects quantum mechanics and the movements of all celestial bodies. This author wrote about those things elsewhere.

But, no one needs advanced physics and hyperlight speed to understand … exactly what GOD the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit actually do separately and individually … but why they can NOT do anything without YOU!