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Wake up! Most Christian churches are teaching self-serving garbage to keep members.

BUT! You are still personally responsible for learning the truth! (Matthew 7:23)

Trying to ignore the truth will NOT relieve you of accountability. Note: perish in John 3:16 still means extinction.

Two thirds of the world are not Christian … and do not even believe in a GOD.

And, most people in Christian churches do not even know who their blind faith God is.

Thinking about becoming a  Christian … or already a frustrated Christian … what can you do?

Beware! Avoid churches of Happy Hopping Hypocrites … or political groups of Hellfire’s Hollering Hellions.

Modern theology appears to promote feel-good  slogans for hollow churches in a god-less society.

The very best thing you can do … regardless of your current situation … is to get the book below …  and remove blind faith  hypocrisy.

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Get smart … Find Truth,

R.B. Spell, DD

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