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Trinity Functions

Seems like most Christian churches are only teaching phony-baloney theology … just to have a job!

BUT! You are still personally responsible for learning the truth! (Matthew 7:23)

Trying to ignore the truth will NOT relieve you of accountability … and perish in John 3:16 still means extinction.

Two thirds of the world hate any kind of GOD that interferes with their drugs, alcohol, and perversions.

Most Christian churches are blinder than bats and lazier that fat dogs.

Blind- faith theology allows Christians to have reckless beliefs..

Avoid churches of Happy Hopping Hypocrites who joyfully join groups of Hellfire’s Hollering Hellions.

Modern theology appears to serve churches of delusion while fornicating with a hollow god-less society.

The very best thing you can do … regardless of your current situation … is to get the book below …  and remove blind faith  hypocrisy.

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Remove blindness … Find Truth,

R.B. Spell, DD

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