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Three Distinct Trinity Titans Need To Save You

Hi Kingdom Seekers,

Want to grow your churches? You cannot do it with current, weak triune theology … and each distinct Trinity Titan is needed to save you. Didn’t know that, did you?

I am R.B. Spell, DD … a retired college professor and non-denominational theoretical theologian … and I can find GOD on all your churches.

Without you the kingdom of God will be desolate … so, don’t ever feel little or insignificant … because God needs you in order for HIS kingdom to exist!

Without Trinity Functions knowledge … Christians are dead ducks … and more churches are doomed to fail with all their current triune doctrine confusion.

There is only one thing more difficult than being a struggling pastor  … and that is to be with him or her in a struggling church.

The word is out that the Pope is going to change the Papacy. He is shrewd … and I hope he is going to reveal … what the truly separate functions of the three Trinity Titans are.

The Pope probably recognizes that Christians are basically not obeying Jesus Christ’s last command found in Mark 16:15 … because they DO NOT know how.

Why? Because no one can actually explain the paradoxical Triune Doctrine … which two-thirds of the world have been rejecting for the last 120 years.

When he finds out … the Pope will not explode into fits of rage. Neither will the Protestant denominations … because Christianity has not made any significant progress in conversion rates since 1900.

Between 1900 – 2022, the Christian world population has varied between 32.4% – 34.4%.

In spite of that fact, the total world population has exploded by almost 500% (i.e., 1.6 billion to 8 billion in the last 80 years).

What does that mean? Ineffective churches have only been preaching to their choirs … making recruitment almost impossible by using an inexplicable doctrine.

The world is very resistant to accepting the Trinity Doctrine on “Blind Faith” … because people are far more intellectually demanding than they were 18 centuries ago.

Since most Christians do not understand the Trinity Doctrine… they cannot convince others to believe it either … because of their lack of ability to explain a paradox.

Fortunately,  people will be happy to discover that they can understand the real functions of the three Trinity Titans … and belief  will replace blind faith!

Faith is a second-rate religious concept … but Belief  is the gold-standard of God (John 3:16).

These new Trinity Revelations can attract and recruit new church members like wild fire …   regardless of church denomination … because people respond better to a belief  in truth than to the uncertainty of blind faith.

The Bible explains itself when people know where to look. People can now clearly see many new things they did not know … about GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit (as will be shown in a new book).

Clarity is a beautiful thing that can bring unity, peace, and understanding … but NOT the frustrated, hopeful ramblings of faith.

The CommercialClergy of modern religion may be guilty of standing in the way of the Holy Spirit … and they should be deadly afraid of Matthew 7:22-23 for doing that.

Learning the truth can help sky-rocket church membership … and because people no longer have to stumble around in the darkness of blind faith … they will know what’s what.

Churches do not have to abandon their congregations or close their doors … they just need to wake up to what the three Trinity Titans actually do individually … and how they work separately together (i.e., not as one triune gob of goo).

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Convert faith to belief … with truth,

R . B. Spell, DD

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